Off the Wall (Documentário)

Revelado o índice completo do Documentário Off the Wall a ser lançado em Fevereiro de 2016!

1. The Jackson Five
2. The J5 Transforms into The Jacksons
3. It Was Destiny
4. Gotta Dance
5. The Wiz
6. Michael Takes Charge as a Solo Artist
7. Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough
8. Rock with You
9. Workin’ Day and Night
10. Get on the Floor
11. Off the Wall
12. Girlfriend
13. She’s out of My Life
14. I Can’t Help It
15. It’s the Falling in Love
16. Burn This Disco Out
17. Impact and Legacy of O.T.W.
18. Credits

Fonte: MJFrance

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